Basic start set. Our selection!

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Basic start set. Our selection!
16 500 Ft
We put together a start set from those items, that we believe, is the best in a long term.
Tranparent bucket allows you to see the yeast activity without opening the fermenter.
"VIK" capper will serve you for a long time without any problems.
If you still want to change something, from this set, or wants to buy additional fermentation bucket, contact us, and we will change the set according to your need,
on a very competative price.

transparent plastic bucket 30
plastic brewing spoon
good quality crown capper + 100 crown corks (26 mm) for standard beer bottles
bottle brush
senitiser 100g
hydrometer, it's own tube can be used asmeasuring cilinder.
self-adhesive thermometer strip 0°C to 30°C
bottle filler with spring, to avoid dripping