Smooth Chocolate Malt

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Smooth Chocolate Malt

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1 280 Ft
Crisp Smooth Chocolate Malt is Small Batch #3 in Crisp innovative Limited Release Specialty Malt Program.

Arguably, Crisp Malt most innovative Small Batch release to date Smooth Chocolate is the first malt of the series to come off the NEW! Crisp Malt Speciality Malt Plant.

This low colour, aromatic, roasted malt offers desirably low astringency with an irresistibly smooth mouthfeel when brewed with.

Modern, unique barley variety meets exciting, new, innovative processing to
bring you our exclusive and one of a kind Speciality Malt

Smooth Coffee, Milk Chocolate and Treacle
Smooth Chocolate has been carefully roasted to a colour of 494 EBC, making it suitable for a selection of darker beer styles.

Crisp Malt recommend using Smooth Chocolate at up to 10% of the grist.

Why not pair it with Crisp Finest Maris Otter Malt to achieve the perfect balance of smooth maltiness with intense, coffee chocolate notes.