Caramel Amber malt EBC 70

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Caramel Amber malt EBC 70

Please choose, crushed grain or whole. 

separate packing

If you buy more than one type of malt, here you can choos, if you prefer separate packing, or all the malt can go together. Tf you want some malt to be pack together, others separet, please writ it into the "comments" window, after sending the order. 

800 Ft
Best, Germany
BEST Caramel® Amber is suitable for all strong, full-bodied and aroma-intensive beers where a lot of malt body is desired in the drink.
Compared to lighter caramel malts, BEST Caramel® Amber is characterized by strong notes of dates and cookies.

For Märzen, wheat beers, Bock, Amber Ale, Amber Lager, amber-colored and dark beer styles.