Special Belgium EBC 300

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Special Belgium EBC 300

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If you buy more than one type of malt, here you can choos, if you prefer separate packing, or all the malt can go together. Tf you want some malt to be pack together, others separet, please writ it into the "comments" window, after sending the order. 

1 000 Ft
Château Special Belgium™ is a very dark, Belgian crystal malt produced by an unusual double drying process.
It imparts strong deep red to dark brown colors. The taste is rich, with a raisin-like maltiness and hints of nut and plum.
It also adds body and aroma. Special Belgium™ is a good substitute for roasted malts like chocolate or black malt where bitterness is not desired.
An interesting addition to any dark beer, its classic uses include Abbey ales, dubbels, porters, brown ales, and doppelbocks.

Chateau, Belgium