szűrő zsák

szűrő zsák
szűrő zsák
szűrő zsák
szűrő zsák
szűrő zsák
szűrő zsák
szűrő zsák
szűrő zsák
szűrő zsák
szűrő zsák
4 850 Ft
Univerzális szűrő zsák. Elsősorban gyümölcsborok szűrésére.

10l térfogat

edények fülére rögzíthető

rozsdamentes acél merevítéssel

sűrű szövésű 270/280g/m2

40°C mosható

An unrivalled filter bag that is efficient and convenient to use. It features a reinforced bottom made of acid resistant steel. It is characterised by extremely high capacity (10 L) and dense material structure. In contrast to competing bags, the reinforced structure of its bottom, as well as its ergonomic shape, allow filtration through the whole of its surface (corresponding to the diameter of the container on which it is fitted). This ensures very high efficiency and shorter filtration time.
Additionally, the bag is fitted with a special anti-slip rubber that facilitates putting it on the container and holding it together with the weight of its contents.
The cut-outs dedicated for container handles constitute additional security against the bag being pulled off during filtering and make installing it easier. The rigidity and stability of filtering surface bottom are provided by two rods made of high quality acid resistant steel. Both are placed in special canals preventing falling out and enabling direct contact with the container. The well-thought-out design of the bag enables removing the rods after finishing the filtration process, which enables easy washing of the bag and makes its storage easier.
Placing the bag inside the container allows closing it freely with a lid during filtration, which protects the setup against alcohol evaporation, insects, and contaminations. Thanks to the dense material structure, the pulp and turbid particles are stopped on the bag, which provides a 100% guarantee that the liquid obtained is properly clear.

The bag can be used on a bucket with a tap, which enables pouring the drink directly to bottles.
The product is dedicated for a 30 L container.
Filter bag density: 270/280 g/m2

How to use:
1. Take the bag out of its packaging.
2. Place the rods made of acid resistant steel in canals on the bag bottom.
3. Place the bag’s two cut-outs on the two container ears, and then put the remaining bag surface with rubber on the perimeter of the filtration container.
4. Make sure that the bag is installed in a stable manner by pushing its bottom gently.
5. Pour the liquid into the bag.
6. Leave the contents to be filtered freely – the bag can be optionally covered with a lid.
During the filtration process it is possible to add subsequent portions of liquid.

The bag is machine washable at 40 ℃.

10.0 l