Caramel malt "CaraAroma"

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Caramel malt "CaraAroma"
Caramel malt "CaraAroma"
Caramel malt "CaraAroma"
Caramel malt "CaraAroma"

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1 000 Ft
Caramel malt, CaraAroma
Flavor notes: Roasted nuts, dark caramel and dried fruits. Also noticable the bitterness and souer taste of roasting.
Enhances mouthfeel. Adds deep red color. Promotes flavor stability. Great for Amber Ales and Lagers, Stouts, Porters, Bocks and Dunkel Lager.

EBC 350-420
Weyermann Germany
Chateaz "Cara Cafe"
Belgian coffee malt. First slightly kilned then roasted at up to 220°C.
Château Café malt imparts a nutty and distinct coffee flavour and aroma to beers, brings in a "coffee" note in
Stouts and Porters. Adds a smooth mouth feel and complexity to any dark ale. Reinforces the colour of beer.
Stouts, porters, Scottish ale, dark Belgian style beer, slightly in brown ales for hints of fresh roasted coffee;
Up to 10% of the mix